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On this page is our wish list where donators may donate money or items for therapy services and item we need to function.


First and foremost, we need gently used donations, volunteers, display queens, bags (plastic/paper), and SHOPPERS!


Web Designer/Graphic Artist:  This is a grassroots not-for-profit, I have had some help by various kind souls to actually learn how to follow the steps to ad words to a web-page.  I have absolutely no experience in this.  I did the best I could, but.... I know and have been told, in various ways.... I still need help.  So, if you have the amazing talent and time to volunteer and make Miles4Autism web-site, flyers to business cards look like we mean business.  THEN CALL ME... Linda: 714-943-6882.  Bless you for calling.


Therapist Salaries: This is my first priority, It is very important for there to be consistency in services with children with autism.  So, I won't feel comfortable opening the doors until I know I have at least 6 months of salary for 4 therapist approximately $175,000.  I truly would like a year.  


Thrift/Consignment Shop Locations:  I know this is possible, I have already been offered two spaces to put a thrift shop in, however they were not located in our first 30 miles radius.  So, we would love to find 3 more sites in our 30 mile radius for our shops.  We would love to have them hugely discounted or donated (it would be a write-off) for our next locations.  We would also be looking for a site for our Therapy Facility and Fun Zone, near Crown Valley or so, exits off 5 FWY.  


Promoters:  We always need donations, however we also need the people to sell to.  We need people in any way shape or form to promote/share Miles4Autism.  We need our cause shared to open the hearts of people to shop our shops. We need to get the word out.  If you have easy access to free advertising to get word out.  We would truly appreciate it.  Just recently 93.5's Cindy Nelson Obrand, has put us on the air and will continue to get the word out at no cost.  This is a VERY WORTHY cause, we just need to GET THE WORD OUT!.. I have yet to meet one person, that has told me, I am crazy and this is not worth doing.  I just need more more more.... more more more... TILL WE ROCK!!!!


Therapy Supplies: This is a new facility (we will be state-of-the-art), so we are talking from flooring to ceiling and all the therapy equipment as well. We will be needing Beamz Music Therapy equipment, Mini Music Sound room, Dance floor from Master Portable Dance Floor, Swring Swing, Standard therapy floor and table equipment., AND MUCH MORE!!!


Board Members plus:  I am really hoping that these children with autism will have some very important, clever, active, smart and capable parents to be able to provide all aspects of this nonprofit to function, from board members, accountants to bookkeeper and window displaying.  Get the idea.. this will not happen without every ones help.  We are also seeking folks with just BIG HEARTS, that see the potential and want to help.  So, if you have Board member talent and if you can offer a big impact toward our journey, please contact Linda: 714-943-6882.


Advertising: If a parent of a child with autism or anyone reading this has access to free advertising we would like to talk.

Wish List

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Mailing Address:

31678 Coast Hwy. #A

Laguna Beach, CA 92651


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